Alessandro Merga

Hi, I'm a photographer specializing in astronomical photography, but I also love Nature, Landscape and Sports photography, I live in Varese, in the north of Italy.

For any question please feel free to Contact me here or on my Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Astrobin page.


Winner of the June 14, 2014 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day APOD

Winner of the Saint Barthelemy (Valle d'Aosta, Italy) Photo contest, 2014

Second place at the Saint Barthelemy (Valle d'Aosta, Italy) Photo contest, 2013


My pictures have been published in some of the greatest Italian and foreign newspapers.

Italy         -           Corriere della Sera, La Repubblica, Coelum, Nuovo Orione, Clickblog.it, reflex.it 

World      -          Daily Express (UK), Daily Mail (UK), HLN (USA),  ABC.com (USA), Io9.com(USA), Petapixel (USA), From Quark to Quasar(USA), Business.Insider (Australia), Unwired (Hong Kong)